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Delta Stock Forex broker company details

Forex broker name:Delta Stock
Forex broker rating:4.7(3 votes)
Forex broker logo:Forex broker logo
Company long name:
Broker description:Delta Stock Overview
Deltastock Inc., is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is a fully licensed online Forex and CFD broker. It is regulated under the European Union Directive 2004/39/EC (MiFID) and by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and registered with the Bulgarian National Bank.

It was incorporated in 1998 and has built up a client base in over 90 countries which includes money managers, asset and portfolio managers as well as retail investors, corporate and institutional clients.

Trading Platform and Customer Support
Deltastock offer the popular MetaTrader 4 platform as well as the Delta Trading platform. The platform is user friendly and offers professional Live Charts with over 80 technical indicators and charting tools. There is also an MT4 Bridge allowing the use of expert advisors.

There are also free video tutorials and trading resources available to help clients make better trading decisions. Customer support is provided 24/7 by phone, email or live chat through the website.

Deposits and Withdrawal
Deltastock offer multiple convenient methods of depositing and withdrawing money through a credit or debit card, wire transfer and Moneybookers.

Promotions and Bonuses
There is a bonus for people trading under the Deltastock King Size Rebates bonus and also a refer a friend program.

- Competitive spreads
- 24/7 multi-lingual customer support via email, telephone and live chat
- Plenty of trading resources available for news, quotes etc
- Instant deposit via Moneybookers
- Fast order execution
- Negative balance protection

- Traders from USA are not accepted

Overall, the proprietary Deltastock trading platform is easy to use and trade quickly. Customer support is responsive and helpful. It is a good broker for traders who are accepted as there are some restricted countries in addition to the USA.

Delta Stock Forex broker contact informations

Website:Visit Delta Stock website
Live chat:
Phone:+359 2 811 50 50
Fax:+359 2 811 50 10
Address:Sofia 1301, 6 Stefan Stambolov str.

Delta Stock Forex account details

Minimum deposit:US$ 100
Leverage:200 : 1
Spreads on majors:3-4 pips
Minimum trade size:1000 units
Currenc pairs:44
Payment options:Bank wire, Credit card
Platform:Windows, Web
Demo account:Open a demo account
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Delta Stock Forex broker reviews and ratings

Average rating:
52011-01-18 16:55:38roko techi
Never find the best!!! Spread is 0.1 pip not 3-4 pips Unique platform and trading conditions. Really have a try.
52011-01-20 03:42:00Dale
I have been trading for a good few years now and with Deltastock since January 2006 (this after losing a lot of money with one or two other \'bucket shop\' brokers which I see are being given their \'just rewards\' by way of very bad reviews on this very site). While I realise that having a good broker does not contribute to a trader\'s success: having a bad broker certainly does not help matters. Also: I believe that credit must be given where credit is due and Deltastock certainly deserves credit (read on)!!! Customer service is excellent (I\'ve never waited longer than a few hours, IF that, for a reply from them). I can probably count the number of re-quotes that I\'ve had in all these years on one hand. I\'ve never not been able to access the platform at any time during normal trading hours (systems upgrades, although very few and far between, have always been performed over weekends when the markets are closed). There has been the odd occasion where a data error has been the cause of a price spike which has erroneously executed an order of mine but on each occasion (and there\'s probably only been two that I can think of) the position has been re-instated without me even having to make them AWARE of the problem. Fairer than that one could not ask for. Some of the information on this review site does seem to be out of date however. For one thing: Deltastock now offers 72 currency pairs for trading in addition to CFD\'s on commodities, individual stocks (global), stock index futures (global), Gold, Silver, and Oil (and probably a few instruments that I\'ve forgotten to mention as well). Also: in addition to their proprietary trading platform called \'Delta Trading\' (which I personally use) they offer MetaTrader 4 for trading currency pairs and Gold and Silver. In addition: Deltastock also has a Level 2 Module in their proprietary trading platform which shows currency market depth and allows the trader to choose the best price quotes from at least five other liquidity providers (FXCM, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Interactive Brokers, and Dukascopy Bank) and offers a TRUE ECN/STP environment. Deltastock also offers trading with fixed or variable spreads in the same platform and variable spreads on the majors e.g. EUR/USD can be as low as 0.1 pips and this combined with instant order execution is ideal for scalpers (although I myself am not a scalper and trade long term only). Also: Deltastock not only accepts Bank Wire Transfers and Credit Cards but also MoneyBookers and a variety of Debit Cards. They have offices in many countries all of which are registered with the regulatory bodies in those countries (the FSA in the UK for example). I know the above probably sounds like an advertisement for Deltastock and I\'m not going to lie to you i.e. I am an IB for them BUT I gain nothing from posting this review and no matter whether I\'m an IB for them or not it does not change the fact that they are an excellent broker and I am willing to help anybody that is interested with their proprietary trading platform and profitable trading systems that I have coded for the platform (at no charge by the way i.e. as with a lot of traders it\'s only a pleasure to help because I know how difficult it can be to make money in this business). I\'ll tell you this: had I not found Deltastock when I did I would in all probability have given up on this business because of the bad experiences that I\'d had with other brokers (in hindsight of course I didn\'t know that I was being \'ripped off\' by these other brokers due to a lack of experience and knowledge and would just have assumed that it was impossible to make money in this business but thanks to my experiences with Deltastock as a trader I now know differently). Regards, Dale.
42011-12-28 14:59:56Rob V
Good broker, easy to use platform and no problems with deposits/cashouts, but I personally prefer etoro more because of support and extra features.

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