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GCI Financial Forex broker company details

Forex broker name:GCI Financial
Forex broker rating:3.7(11 votes)
Forex broker logo:Forex broker logo
Company long name:GCI Financial
Broker description:GCI Financial Ltd ("GCI") is a regulated securities and commodities trading firm, specializing in online Foreign Exchange ("Forex") brokerage. GCI executes billions of dollars per month in foreign exchange transactions alone. In addition to Forex, GCI is a primary market maker in Contracts for Difference ("CFDs") on shares, indices and futures, and offers one of the fastest growing online CFD trading services. GCI has over 10,000 clients worldwide, including individual traders, institutions, and money managers. GCI provides an advanced, secure, and comprehensive online trading system. Client funds are insured and held in a separate customer account. In addition, GCI Financial Ltd maintains Net Capital in excess of minimum regulatory requirements.

GCI Financial Forex broker contact informations

Website:Visit GCI Financial website
Phone:+1 284 494 7738
Fax:+1 800 783 5430
Address:831 Coney Drive, Belize City

GCI Financial Forex account details

Minimum deposit:US$ 500
Leverage:200 : 1
Spreads on majors:3-4 pips
Minimum trade size:10000 units
Currenc pairs:23
Payment options:Bank wire, Credit card, Check, Paypal
Platform:Windows, Web
Demo account:Open a demo account
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GCI Financial Forex broker reviews and ratings

Average rating:
52009-07-26 18:31:14Sean Paulson
I have been trading with GCI for 3 months now and execution has been consistently excellent. No widening spreads and apparently unlimited liquidity. It\'s nice to be able to trade with a MetaTrader broker that has fair dealing practices.
12009-08-19 02:30:13Tan
GCI Financial is a scam, fraud. You will be happy with them until you start actually earning money. For THREE months ( do not want to pay $1200 I earned strictly in accordance with my agreement with them. IFSC to which GCI refers as to regulator does not do anything. Just think twice before you open account with GCI.
12008-12-26 23:15:07Kenneth Paulina
Hi; Opened a 2000 USD REAL account with GCI November 21, 2008. I was told the DEMO and REAL account are identical. It turned out to be false. The REAL account prices are manipulated. The videos below caught their price manipulation in the act for all to see. Try to open a SELL Oil position at 54.00, however after a long delay a REJECTED WINDOW pops up telling me the prices moved down to 53.90. But this is not true, because the Platform prices remained at 53.00. So I quickly tried to open a BUY Oil at 15.04 to see what would happen, again the REJECTED WINDOW pops up telling me the price moved up 54.14. EVEN THOUGH the platform price spread remains at 15.00 - 15.04. Please note, THIS IS NOT A ONE TIME OCCURRENCE. I made a screen recording to prove my case. Go to these links and download the video. [copy and paste link if necessary] The downloaded video is much [MUCH] sharper then the webpage video, but may take awhile to download. You also need to set Windows Media Player to full screen to see the details. Here are 2 more videos showing an attempt to close the same SELL Oil position at 15.00. In one video the price REJECTED PRICE WINDOW pops up with a new price of 14.75. and in the 2nd video a change to 14.85. That\'s a 15 to 25 pips below the platform SELL price of 15.00 price. A price manipulation of plus 15-25 pips CLEARLY in favor of GCI. All the while the Platform price remains steadfast at 15.00 - 15.04 even after open and closing both pop up windows. Price manipulation ALWAYS in increments of 5 i.e. 10,15,25 etc More videos on price manipulation The next video is to show the DEMO vs. REAL price update. The REAL is deliberate faster to justify that your market order supposedly jumped against you right when your order went trough. It\'s ironic that the price ALWAYS jumps against you but never for you. My email address: People.Email@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
52011-04-19 02:32:27Katrien J
I was nervous at first when reading some reviews but decided to trust some of the more recent ones stating that GCI was a decent broker. When taking a closer look it does seem the negative reviews are written by 2 or 3 individuals on the same websites. I initially deposited $2k (early 2011) at GCI and have been making profits since. My first withdraw request was nerve-racking but all went well and my money was transferred the following day.
42010-10-20 11:26:03REZA
HELLO Dear sir/madam good time Thanks you I can not speake or writt english very well sorry.but Ineed your help please. Thanks you R.H
52010-11-22 02:49:48Olivier
Excellent broker, I haven\'t had any issues with withdrawing my benefits nor have I experienced any problems passing open or close orders. I was warned that this is not a broker to go to if you\'re going to do some scalping though. In the end, I believe this is one of the few serious brokers available and I highly recommend it. Feel free to email me for questions.
52011-01-11 11:04:20JRooted
gci financial has always been a controversial broker. imho they provide an excellent service and have great response times to withdraws or concerns. they are NOT regulated which, depending on your trading style/experience, can be a pro or a con. i\'ve encountered only slight issues which have always been corrected in a very timely manner. i rate excellent cause in my book it really comes down to \"are my trades executed immediately & do i get my money quickly when i ask for it?\".
52011-02-03 09:10:33Jerry
The broker I\'ve been with since day 1 and still fully satisfied.
52011-08-03 07:45:10Beatrice
I\'ve been very pleased with customer follow up and attention put into helping me when needed. Trading conditions are on par with what you get from the historically serious brokers.
02011-08-23 22:45:55kc gandhi
I wish to know credit rating of your company & rating provided by independent agency be put on your web. I want to deposit the amount from USA through my son in law but withhold the same as some people have put adverse remarks about your co. & seen by me from google search. Awaiting clarification
52011-08-31 02:23:36John
GCI have a very solid platform and support staff. I had some concerns with withdrawal process but was very pleased when I received my funds back in only a couple of days. Big thanks to Maya for always taking time to help me out! John

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